Friday, 22 September 2006

1/4 inch seams

I noticed that this topic is quite common on everyone's blogs. I have the most terrible problems as have never, ever been able to sew or cut a straight line (which is why I prefer the Tonya style of quilting). Sewing machines, feet and bobbins are one of the current topics on Crafters and someone came up with Jaycotts in the UK. Scroll about 3/4's down the page and you will come across a little gizmo which should help with 1/4 inch seams. A tad expensive , but if you are a perfectionist it may help. There is also a whole loads of quilting stuff on there and they ship to the US.

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Shelina said...

I have one of those quarter inch feet. It does help a lot, but it is exactly at a quarter inch. And since most of the time you need a scant quarter, you still have to make an adjustment. There is another foot that has a little wall, which I think might even work better to guide the fabric. You can also use postit notes or other types of tape to make a little wall to guide your fabric.