Thursday, 17 August 2006

I've Weakened!

Had to go into Oasis in Perigueux as have snapped my last 80 machine needle, got some hand quilting needles as well and "looked" at rulers as mine is getting smaller with every cut (thin plastic). Then I thought, what the heck, I need to get some more material for The Challenge and they just happened to have very nearly the exact same colours (5 Euro a metre) and then I saw the "coupon" section and everything was half price so I got at least a metre of plain, bright orange cotton for 2 Euro and the same in very pale violet.


Tonya R said...

Wheee, great prices. Gotta have sewing needles and while you're there course you gotta buy a bit of fabric, esp at that price.

Fiona said...

Bargain! It would have been a crime not to buy it at that price.