Friday, 11 August 2006

House Update

Alex has taken on the task of quilting and "decorating" the house. The quilting stitch is a bit wobbly, but good for a first effort by an 11 year old. Can't really say any more as she wants it to be a Christmas present for someone (sshhhhhh) Tonya - I'm really cross about the Gwen Marston book. I wanted to get it this last month (DH's private pension comes in quarterly), but the car had its pre MOT service which cost a fortune, as did the yearly car insurance. There may be a chance in October. However, we are going back to the UK for a family Christmas this year and I am hoping to get into Canterbury for some English retail therapy. I may get lucky in one of the many second hand book shops! I've just looked for it again on Are you ready for this - "neuf et d'occasion a partir de EUR 80.17". GULP!


Tonya R said...

Eighty EUROS???? Holy cow. Boy, when I'm making out our insurance inventory I'm listing my book, cuz it would cost a heck of a lot to replace. Sorry you weren't able to get one earlier.

That's great you've got Alex into quilting - look forward to seeing the finished product - after christmas of course.

Tonya R said...

Clare, just checked and you can get it there for 45 dollars and at least one of the sellers will send it internationally. So if it comes down to it, that's a better choice.