Tuesday, 8 August 2006

French Furniture

Our house dates back to 1777 and was finished just before the French Revolution. We are not sure whether the floor boards and some of the "built-in" furniture are the originals, but I thought you may like to see the three prize pieces. This photograph is of the "front" in the kitchen. I am led to believe that a "front" was originally built to cover a blocked up doorway which, in this case, seems to be accurate. We believe this is as old as the house, having been told that it is Louis XV or XVI, but are not too sure what the wood is - probably Walnut. Not in very good condition I'm afraid, but after 200+ years what do you expect! This has the normal kitchen clutter stored in it! This one is on the other side of the wall to the one in the kitchen and is made out of Wild Cherry. This is where all the glassware is stored A few years ago the centimes were running out and we considered selling the one in the kitchen. A professional came round to look at it and, because of the poor state in which it is in, offered us peanuts!. He then wandered round the house (as these people do) and latched onto the one on the salon. He offered us double the price for that. We decided we weren't that broke after all! And finally, we bought this armoire the first summer we were here. Again made out of Wild Cherry. You can just see the inside of BJW! We have the most stunning kitchen table, which doubles up as my work table in the summer. Will upload a picture of that soon. The photo's aren't that good cos the batteries on the digi camera are low, but they give you some idea of French furniture - very heavy! On our brocante/vide grenier travels we have spotted some lovely pieces, but the house is now full to bursting! Have started my first Tonya House. Instead of doing a door and a window, I'm doing French windows/doors and a window. Watch this space to see whether it gets unpicked or I like it! We have a rendez vous at 2.00 pm to get the controle technique (French MOT) done on the car so we are off into Perigueux. Luckily the garage is opposite the quilt supply shop! A+


joyce said...

I hope you haven't joined the No Buying Fabrics in August group! Your furniture is beautiful. I love those old French farmhouses. Nothing like that over here in Canada.

Tonya R said...

Wow. What an incredible place you live in, Clare. I love the glimpses I can see of the beams and rustic fireplace. And look - a phrenology head! Very fun, thank you.

No unpicking on the house. Just make another one and after you have a few of them made, then decide if it works or not. Give the poor little house a chance.

Clare said...

Hi Joyce,

Fabric shop is shut for August! Reopens 28th. In the meantime am spending fabric money on stocking up on quilting supplies :-)

Serena said...

Neat furniture picture!!