Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Bienvenue a Bordeaux!

Step daughter and her partner arrive this evening at Angouleme TGV station (from London Waterloo on the Euro Star via Lille). They are treating us to 2 days and a night at Bordeaux so we are off there tomorrow morning and back late Friday. This is a first for us. We have driven round the Rocade (ring road) on numerous occasions to go to IKEA, the Airport, etc, but have NEVER ventured into the city itself (tell a lie - we did on one occasion but they were building the new tramway and Bordeaux was one solid traffic jam). Anyway, hope to get lots of pics and take a stroll down one of the longest shopping streets in Europe - Rue Sainte Catherine which is about 2 kms long (apparently there is a fabric shop there (VBG)). Lots of things in the offing quiltwise, but as most of them are Christmas surprises can't upload piccies for you. Tonya's Take the Leap Challenge is looking good. Only 2 more blocks to go and then I can start the sashing. I have a good idea for the border. Oh and for Tonya. As you will soon be a Parisienne, did you know you are only about 3 hours train journey from London (which means Liberty prints!)? A Samedi.

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Tonya R said...

Actually, I don't like Liberty fabric, so that's not a temptation (and esp not at those prices - aiyee). London itself is a huge draw tho. My sweetie has already decided we have to go visit when the new Harry Potter film comes out so he can see it without the French subtitles interfering with the picture.