Friday, 16 June 2006

In a State of Shock!

During our weekly shopping trip to Perigueux yesterday I spotted a "coupons" (end of roll/remnants) sale on in a fabric shop. Naturally, we had to stop so that I could have a rummage. I am after lots and lots of red/orange/yellow plain fabrics for Sunburst. No fussiness and frills this time thank you and I'm in charge of the design, not the material or the quilt! I have been into this particular shop once before, enticed by the words "patchwork" all over the front. I forgot how expensive it is compared to Javerlhac. Okay, they have some lovely materials which Javerlhac doesn't have and they have loads and loads of patchwork specific material (words getting mangled up again), but honestly! 20 Euros a meter!!! I have trouble trying to spend that amount at Javerlhac where they weigh by the kilo in most cases. Even the cheapest coupon was about 20 Euros and it was mostly heavy curtain stuff anyway, or satin based. I have now stuck a Post-It note on the car dashboard. "Ignore Totem - Don't be Tempted". Boy - is that the time - supper! A demain peut etre.


pippa said...

I know what you mean, try she's great and her cheap stuff works out about 3E98 a yard including postage (order the max of 9 yards as its 9$ postage upto 9 yards) and the same material here is easily 12e a meter.
I order on the monday and it's here by saturday or at the latest the wednesday.

Tonya R said...

20 Euros a meter? I think I'd pass out.