Tuesday, 23 May 2006

New Ideas

Mum has gone back to the UK today so as I am feeling a bit miz thought I would "chat" to you lot. I have taken some photos of my "ideas" which I sketched out whilst in hospital.
I have called this one "Sunburst". The pencil lines have come out a bit faint, but I tend to cut out the triangles, sew together and then quilt the lines in contrasting cotton i.e red on yellow and vice versa going outwards to create a sort of "sun ray" effect. Do I make myself clear? Probably not!
The next one I have called Peruvian Tapestry. Don't know why, but it just seemed to fit. A friend of my has got a bag that she bought in Chilie which is similar so that is probably where I got the colours from. The crayons were running out so the bottom is lighter than the top. Ignore the criss-cross lines across the blocks. I used them as a guide to get the squares correct. Blue Jean Windows has ground to a halt and I can't see it being finished now much before the Autumn - too much going on. No word on craft exhibition so I assume the idea has died. Oh and if there are any French quilters out there. Does anyone know if you can get quilting gloves in France? I am now off to plant out the Tomato plants which we bought at the flower fair at St Jean de Cole. Have I mentioned that? No! Anyway, its the local Chelsea Flower Show and is lovely. Got some beautiful plants and, for the first time ever, spent a fortune on Tomato plants Alexandra brought reams of paperwork back from school yesterday. It has all got to be read, signed or filled in prior to 14 June for her "rentree" into 6eme in September. Dictionary time I think! The pills are beginning to take effect (I'm doing my nodding dog act) so a bientot.

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Serena said...

Beautiful layout, Clare! I love the colors and "sun ray" effect!