Monday, 10 April 2006

April is not my month!

Well, now that Tiscali has decided to behave itself, computer has thrown a wobbly so I may be off line for a while while it goes for its annual medical. Alex has been picking Spring flowers like there's no tomorrow and the house is full of Daffodils and Cowslips - lovely smells! We are letting the grass grow this year for local farmer to cut for hay for his cows so we should be seeing Orchids galore over the next few weeks. Big thunderstorm the other day too - unusual for this time of year, but I love the colours in this pic! The greens and greys have given me an idea for a quilt if I can find the right colours and material. This is part of our garden (the orchard I call it!). The building's aren't ours. When we were at Javerlhac fabric warehouse last week Alex spotted some Japanese material scraps that she liked and wondered if I could make them up into a cushion for her, or perhaps a thin Summer quilt. I didn't buy any as I already have some scraps that I bought sometime ago. Too many projects running through my mind at the moment and not enough time to do it all! Current project is still on hold and must get my head round it so that I can start on something else for exhibition. Really into wall hangings at the moment as they can be any size you want them to be - not too big and bulky. DH must be persuaded to put up that curtain pole in our bedroom for the Blue Jean hanging. We spent a rather wet and miserable weekend catching up on various DVD's. Rex, as usual, fell asleep halfway through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so we had to watch it again yesterday evening. Alex and I felt that the first 45 minutes or so was too fast. They tried to pack too much of the original story into a short space of time. How on earth are they going to do The Order of the Phoenix which is even longer! Book 3 in both book and film is still my favourite, with the Half Blood Prince running a close second. The other DVD's on the list are the latest Wallace and Gromit, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Capote which I am looking forward to immensely. Alex breaks up tomorrow for the Vacances de Printemps which this year happens to clash with Easter Just under 2 weeks of an 11 year old saying how bored she is! Hey ho. Anyway, sun is out and garden is beckoning, even though it is still rather chilly.


Tonya R said...

Orchids in the hay fields? I don't quite understand this. I thought orchids grew in tropical areas. Is France much warmer than I thought? Resisting fabric purchases - very stsrong of you.

Clare said...

Hi Tonya,

These are wild Orchids, not the waxy looking ones you see in garden centres, etc.

We have Bee Orchids, (
Lizard Orchids and loads of others and now that we have decided to leave the grass this year, they will have a chance to grow. DH normally mows them flat just as they are coming into flower!

And no France is not warmer than you think! April and it is still cold. At least you will be in Paris with central heating :)