Friday, 24 March 2006


Well, here we are being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and my first ever blog! My name is Clare, I am married to hubby, Rex, and have an 11 year old daughter, Alexandra. We left the UK in 1998 and moved to the Dordogne. Why the Dordogne? Well, it wasn't intentional and in fact the Dordogne was the last departement on our list of where to live in France! It was the house that did it. 5 bedrooms, lovely farmhouse kitchen, 3 hectares, swimming pool and lots of potential. Considering we lived in a 2 up, 2 down terraced cottage in the UK, this place still seems huge! I started quilting/patchworking this time last year. I was rummaging through Alex's old clothes deciding on what to throw, what to give away and what to turn into dusters when I came up with the idea of making a quilt for her out of them. It took me a long long time, but I'm glad I did it and she loves it!
I have just finished my second project, a blue jean wall hanging for our bedroom, and have started on the third one (matching quilt for our bed).
That's all for now.


ViVi said...

Yay, welcome to your new addiction!! :)

Tonya R said...

Welcome to blogging - it really is very addicting. For some reason, I find it so much easier to communicate this way rather than the mail lists.
That house really and truly is gorgeous. Wow. I can see why it would be such a draw.
I am a sucker for Hugh Grant too. "Notting Hill" definitely my favorite.