Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Looking through the keyhole

What's happening today? We have sun, grey clouds, showers. In fact typical spring weather. The daffodils are over but the apple blossom is out.
Cooking smells are beginning to waft through the house.
There is chili in the crockpot simmering away and The Lollipop Shoes (photo courtesy of girl.com) seems to be taking up my quilting time.


Cher said...

oops...no photo of the Lollipop shoes...sounds like a wonderful day to sew.

Amanda said...

Now there's a book I must look out for, I've so enjoyed all of Joanne Harris's books so far. It's a bit more typically spring here today too, after some glorious weather over the Easter weekend.

nicolette said...

Lovely keyhole!

Dawn said...

Hope you enjoy the book, I though it was very good.